[Mediawiki-l] Creating a button on every page

Amruta Lonkar amrutasl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 14:48:57 UTC 2006

I need some help in creating this template.  If i am understanding it
correctly I have to create a template page only once. At what point should i
create this template page then. Shold i use the same code that i am using
for creating a page below for creating the required template page and just
check evrey time my extension is run if the template page exists in the page
table and if not then only create the template page? I want to do it through
the code so that i can package it with my eetension and tus this page will
not have to be created manually on evrey single wiki that i would like to
use this extension.


On 3/23/06, Jama Poulsen <jama at debianlinux.net> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 02:28:11PM -0500, Amruta Lonkar wrote:
> > I have created a custom namespace and create certain pages in this
> namespace
> > automatically. I want to know how to create a button on every page
> created
> > within this namespace at the time the page is created. On clicking this
> button
> > the user will be directed to a special page associated with some
> function.
> You can include a template on those pages. The template holds an extension
> which prints an image/text link. Then you only have to update the template
> in one place to change the image/text.
> Jama Poulsen
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