[Mediawiki-l] site map

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Mar 6 09:26:11 UTC 2006

Tim Doyle wrote:
> Jdd:
> Go to Special Pages and select Export pages and type in the name of any page
> on your wiki and export it. Once the file has been exported, open it with
> your favorite editor and view the additional formatting before and after the
> contents of the page. If you can add similar content before and after the
> contents of your page (and convert your page from HTML to wiki-style), you
> should be able to use the Import Pages feature to read in your page. You can
> re-import as well, so this process should work in keeping your site map up
> to date.
> Note that this import/export process seems to work better in Internet
> Explorer - I have not had good luck in Firefox. 

well, I tryed it. mozilla gives an awfull display, but the
saved file is very well displayed by gvim :-)

so this may be a solution for having nice page layout
(carriage return).

but my main problem is precisely translating the <a> tags to
mediawiki system.

I'm nearly sure that somebody already wrote a script to do
that, but is it available anywhere?

if not I may do, but I'm very busy and this will be delayed :-)



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