[Mediawiki-l] How do you change the logo URL

Robert Pfau robert.pfau at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 21:57:24 UTC 2006

Hínandil schrieb:

> Robert Pfau wrote:
>> Audrey White schrieb:
>>> I am working on our mediawiki wiki and have been asked to change the URL
>>> that the left hand logo goes to, to our school's home page. This is
>>> probably very simple but I am not sure what in Localsettings.php to
>>> change.
>>> Suggestions?
>> you can edit it manually in your Monobook.php
>> maybe there is a "cleaner" way...i dont know
> I should think there is!
> Change this line (or add it if it doesn't exist) in your
> LocalSettings.php file. Then you will not need to hack your skin files
> every time you upgrade. The logo pretty much wants to be no greater
> than 135x135 or you'll have some problems, I believe. Test it before
> you walk away. :)
> $wgLogo = "/webpath/to/logo.file";
> Hînandil

I think he just wanted to change the href not the logo itself
please correct me if iam wrong...


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