[Mediawiki-l] php: escaping a slash

=James Birkholz= j.birchwood at verizon.net
Sun Feb 13 18:12:30 UTC 2005

Sorry this is more a php, maybe mySQL, question: (again), but...

I'm working on the php module to manually create a batch of new articles by 
using an INSERT query to add records to the "cur" table in mySQL. The text 
that I'm starting these new articles with contains a pair of Extension 
Tags, and the slash in the End Tag is giving me trouble. I'm guessing that 
I need to escape it, but can't figure out how to. I've tried a backslash, 
and 1-3 slashes in front. I either get the text string truncated at the 
slash, or everything passes through, can't get the single slash by itself: 
I tried experimenting with the addslashes function, but either didn't do it 
right or it isn't the solution. Here's the snippet.

$theText = 

and here's the essential parts of the function that it's in:
(would appreciate any help with bad coding, I know just enough php to be 
dangerous. In particular,
is " ! " the correct negation operator:      if (!($row2 = 
is this the best way to test for a null text value:     if ($town <> "")
and is anything obviously wrong with the construction of the last (INSERT) 
sql query?

TIA, James

function makeJurisdictionArticles( $input )	//$input = Kreis ("county")
( db connection logic here)

	$query = "SELECT JurisProt FROM Gazetteer1905 WHERE Kreis LIKE 
'".$theKreis."'"." GROUP BY JurisProt ORDER BY JurisProt ASC";
	$output = "";	// in case I output some debugging to calling routine.
	$result = mysql_query($query);
	while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) //for each Protestant church town
		$town = $row['JurisProt'];	// extract the town name of the Protestant parish
		if ($town <> "")
			$theTitle = 'Protestant_parish_of_'.spaces2underscores($town);	// title 
of the new article will be...

			$query2 = "SELECT cur_title FROM cur WHERE cur_title LIKE '".$theTitle."'";

			$result2 = mysql_query($query2);
			if (!($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2)))  	// if no article with this 
title exists yet...
				$theText = 
				$theText .= '<br>Parish began ????, split off from ?????';
echo($theText);  // debug
				$query3 = 'INSERT INTO cur (cur_namespace, cur_title, cur_text, 
cur_user, cur_user_text, cur_timestamp, cur_random) VALUES ("0", 
"'.$theTitle.'", "'.$theText.'", "1", "WikiSysop", UNIX_TIMESTAMP( ) , 
RAND( ))';
				$result3 = mysql_query ($query3);
return $output;  // (if debugging)

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