[Mediawiki-l] Smart caching

Mark Bergsma mark at nedworks.org
Wed Jul 7 22:51:12 UTC 2004

Brion Vibber wrote:
> That doesn't make sense; those are circumstances where the file cache 
> would *never* be used. Can you confirm?

Well the only place I found a call to Article::tryFileCache, was within 
an if ( !is_null( $oldid )...

> The file cache is meant for read-only viewers, not editors, so this is 
> known and intentional behavior.
> Try also setting:
> $wgShowIPinHeader = false;

I did that. I eventually got it to work by editing the code, and adding 
a block

if ( $this->tryFileCache() ) {
	# tell wgOut that output is taken care of

(after the if block I just mentioned)

but I'm not sure whether that is correct in all cases.


mark at nedworks.org

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