[Mediawiki-l] Recovering from a crash

Paul Johnson baloo at ursine.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 24 05:59:12 UTC 2004

On Thursday 23 December 2004 8:13 pm, Brion Vibber wrote:
> On Dec 23, 2004, at 7:56 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > My webserver crashed earlier this evening and when it came back, 
> > complaining that I need to set $wgDBservers in DefaultSettings.php.
> > However, it's set, and set correctly.  Database checks out OK with
> > mysqlcheck, I can't figure out where the breakdown is.
> Did you upgrade to 1.4 recently? Are you using DB server replication / 
> load balancing?

1.4beta3, yes.  No load balancing or any DB voodoo.

> $wgDBservers (plural) is an array used for multiple-server load 
> balancing configuration, and its format has changed from 1.3 to 1.4.
> $wgDBserver (singular) is a string with the hostname for a single db 
> server to connect to.

I'm just running this on a single server.

Paul Johnson
baloo at ursine.dyndns.org
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