[Mediawiki-l] MediaWiki 1.3.0 released

Ivan Blecic ivan at iuav.it
Thu Aug 12 12:34:41 UTC 2004


I have previously installed MediaWiki 1.3.0beta4, and now wish to do the 
upgrade to the final 1.3.0.

However, I've made some changes on my templates, as well as I have set few 
non-default settings in configuration files.

Is there a chance I can update (i.e. overwrite) just the files that have 
changed since my beta version, without having to reinstall the whole thing? 
In that case, does somebody know which files exactly should be updated?
Is there any documentation on that specific issue?

Thank you in advance.

Ivan Blecic

At 10.07 12/08/2004, you wrote:
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>After an annoyingly long series of beta releases, say hello to MediaWiki
>Everyone running the beta releases is _strongly_ recommended to upgrade
>to the current code.
>This release includes a security fix: the 1.3.0 beta releases may be
>vulnerable to a PHP inclusion attack if include files are exposed and
>you have allow_url_fopen and register_globals on (this is the default
>configuration in PHP 4.1.x, but register_globals is off by default in
>4.2.x and later).
>Note that while MediaWiki through 1.1 required register_globals to be
>on, 1.2 and 1.3 *do not*. If you have register_globals on, you should
>turn it off unless you are absolutely sure you require it for some other
>package. See http://php.net/register_globals for general information.
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