MediaWiki-l September 2013
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MediaWiki Benchmark Tool
by Simon Heimler
9 years

New Semantic Bundle released
by Yaron Koren
9 years

Backport policy
by Mark A. Hershberger
9 years

(no subject)
by Robbie Wray
9 years

How to anonymise MW database?
by Adam Nielsen
9 years

MathJax and Geogebra in the same page
by Webmaster Casa das Ciências - Guilherme Monteiro
9 years

Mediawiki virtual file system. Call for feedback.
by Alexey Klimovich
9 years

upgrading from mediawiki 1.15 to newer version?
by McEntire, Ken
9 years

Job posting: frontend dev (JavaScript) at Wikimedia Deutschland
by Lydia Pintscher
9 years

Overwrite CSS for articles in specific category
by Roland Wohlfahrt
9 years
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