Wikipedia-l May 2007
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Re: [Wikipedia-l] multi-headed VANDALS
by Daniel Mayer
2 months, 1 week

Language policy agreement in the Norwegian Wikipedia community
by Bjarte Sørensen
10 years, 12 months

Wikimedia Open Access Chat
by Erik Moeller
15 years, 2 months

by Monk
15 years, 5 months

Localization of interwiki bot
by Andre Engels
15 years, 9 months

Quality vs Quantity
by Mark Williamson
15 years, 10 months

Wikimedia brand survey open
by Erik Moeller
15 years, 10 months

creation of language
by kiyan Rezaie
15 years, 10 months

Wikipedia in Hakka language created
by River Tarnell
15 years, 10 months

Re: [Wikipedia-l] Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections
by Fred Bauder
15 years, 10 months
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