Wikipedia-l February 2005
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Re: [Wikipedia-l] multi-headed VANDALS
by Daniel Mayer
2 months, 1 week

Categories, back to square one
by Magnus Manske
17 years, 2 months

Distributing fonts
by Gerard.Meijssen
17 years, 11 months

Changes in the Python Wikipediabot framework
by Andre Engels
17 years, 12 months

Video uploaded...
by Robert Graham Merkel
18 years

alphabetical order
by James R. Johnson
18 years

Request for classical Chinese
by abc_root
18 years db dump
by Sebastian Harl
18 years

Day 4 Fund Drive Report (final update)
by Daniel Mayer
18 years

Duplicate article
by Adam Hunt
18 years, 1 month
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