Wikimedia-l August 2005
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[Foundation-l] German law and wikiquote
by Magnus Manske
15 years, 7 months

[Foundation-l] Wanted - help desk helpers
by sannse
15 years, 12 months

[Foundation-l] a crazy idea...
by Elisabeth Bauer
16 years

[Foundation-l] New project licensing
by Joel Konkle-Parker
16 years

[Foundation-l] What? Why? Who?
by Mike Morrell
16 years

[Foundation-l] Wikimedia meeting today
by Angela
16 years

[Foundation-l] New wikistats
by Erik Zachte
16 years

[Foundation-l] Wikinews - Licensure straw poll
by Fruggo
16 years

[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Foundation in 5 years - Giant brainstorming - a game with rules.
by Delphine Ménard
16 years

[Foundation-l] New wikistats
16 years
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