Wikimedia-l April 2023
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by Željko Blaće
1 month

Beginning work on a Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy + AffCom elections update
by Nataliia Tymkiv
7 months, 3 weeks

Re: Mozilla's social media pledge
by SCP 2000
10 months, 1 week

The Endowment, again
by Andreas Kolbe
10 months, 2 weeks

A collaboration between three Wikimedia affiliates to advance the technical capacities of the movement around Wikidata
by Maria Heuschkel
11 months

Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee: Call for New Members
by Nataliia Tymkiv
11 months, 3 weeks

May 12⋮14⋮17 >> Queering Wikipedia 2023 Conference
by Željko Blaće
1 year, 1 month

Reflecting on my listening tour
by Selena Deckelmann
1 year, 1 month

Local enforcement of the Universal Code of Conduct
by Andreas Kolbe
1 year, 1 month

[Wikimedia Announcements] Voting open in the seventeenth annual Picture of the Year contest
by Kunal Mehta
1 year, 1 month
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