Wikimedia-l March 2005
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  • 105 discussions

[Foundation-l] German law and wikiquote
by Magnus Manske
17 years, 3 months

[Foundation-l] Do we have a partnership with Ourmedia?
by Michael Snow
18 years, 1 month

Re: [Foundation-l] what is partnership ?
by Christopher Mahan
18 years, 1 month

[Foundation-l] Syntax for texts in verse
by Yann Forget
18 years, 1 month

[Foundation-l] Re: [WikiNL-l] Fight spilling over into the ia.wikipedia
by Sander Spek
18 years, 1 month

[Foundation-l] Italian Wikinews set up
by Erik Moeller
18 years, 1 month

[Foundation-l] Re: Positive discrimination related to smaller communities and projects
by Amgine
18 years, 1 month

[Foundation-l] german wikiquotes
by Anthere
18 years, 1 month

[Foundation-l] Info on SORBS, blocking of open proxies
by Elisabeth Bauer
18 years, 2 months
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