Wikimedia-l April 2016
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[Foundation-l] Improving search in Wikipedia through quality and concept discovery
by Brian J Mingus
3 weeks, 5 days

[Foundation-l] Fwd: 18.1831, All: Call for Participation: Wikipedia Volunteers
by GerardM
1 month, 3 weeks

Arbital, another Wikipedia competitor/complement
by David Gerard
5 years, 6 months

New tools: pronuncify and
by Asaf Bartov
5 years, 8 months

[recent changes]
by Denny Vrandecic
6 years, 4 months

Wikimedia Indonesia's New Board of Executive (and Board of Trustees)
by Isabella Apriyana
6 years, 5 months

Open and recorded WMF Board meetings
by Pine W
6 years, 5 months

Affiliate-selected Board seats voting started
by Laurentius
6 years, 5 months

wikinews has a NPOV policy derived from wikipedia, mamamia ...
by rupert THURNER
6 years, 5 months

Wikipedia is basically just another giant bureaucracy
by Stephen Philbrick
6 years, 5 months
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