Wikitech-l November 2004
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[ [ #115227] Install & Setup Gig Link]
by Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales
19 years

Non-ASCII characters in interwiki links, URLs, etc.
by Petr Kadlec
19 years

who's afraid of stupid newbies?
by Robin Shannon
19 years

RE: [Wikitech-l] Database abstraction layer
by Domas Mituzas
19 years

patches, CVS access, et cetera.
by Dan Keshet
19 years

Corrupt old entries on eswiktionary
by Brion Vibber
19 years

$wgEnableEmail $wgEnableEmailUser
by Thomas Gries
19 years

Fatal Error on start page
by Roy
19 years

preview and Unicode characters
by Reinhardt Wiewe
19 years
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