Wikitech-l December 2018
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New DB_REPLICA constant; DB_SLAVE deprecated
by Aaron Schulz
1 year, 11 months

Old maps services need maintainers to keep them alive after december 18th
by Derk-Jan Hartman
3 years, 3 months

Invitation to a "Wikimedia Café" casual online meetup
by Pine W
3 years, 4 months

Thank you Tuesday
by Derick N. Alangi
3 years, 5 months

Wikimedia Hackathon 2019: Registration Open!
by Rachel Farrand
3 years, 5 months

Help with content!
by Strainu
3 years, 6 months

BREAKING CHANGE Action::requiresUnblock() is now called from Title::getUserPermissionsErrors() and Title::userCan()
by David Barratt
3 years, 6 months

2018-12-19 Scrum of Scrums meeting notes
by Grace Gellerman
3 years, 6 months

Thank you Thursday
by Kunal Mehta
3 years, 6 months

TechCom Radar 2018-12-19
by Kate Chapman
3 years, 6 months
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