Wikitech-l February 2022
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Make working with templates easier: Several improvements coming to all wikis soon.
by Johanna Strodt
3 months, 1 week

Best practices for extensions
by Krinkle
4 months, 4 weeks

Talk to the Search Platform / Query Service Team—March 2nd, 2022
by Trey Jones
5 months, 1 week

GitLab Runner token reset
by Jelto Wodstrcil
5 months, 1 week

Learn how to develop bots in small wiki toolkit workshops
by Srishti Sethi
5 months, 2 weeks

Call for projects and mentors for Google Summer of Code 2022 and Outreachy Round 24 is ongoing!
by Srishti Sethi
5 months, 2 weeks

update of extension CIForms
5 months, 2 weeks

🤿🚂 Diving Into Wikimedia Deployment Data
by Tyler Cipriani
5 months, 2 weeks

How to start with contributions
by Yashraj Singh
5 months, 3 weeks

MediaWiki TiddlyWiki Dokuwiki MoinMoin BookStack Gollum and other open source wiki progams - you don't p2p-swing it as you're supposed to, man
by Sergei Udris
5 months, 3 weeks
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