Wikitech-l February 2013
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MediaWiki 1.19.0beta2
by Sam Reed
8 years, 9 months

Can we help Tor users make legitimate edits?
by Sumana Harihareswara
9 years, 4 months

Initial stab at responsive images for high-density displays
by Brion Vibber
9 years, 8 months

bot activity in #mediawiki on freenode
by btb
9 years, 8 months

Bootstrap based theme for Mediawiki
by Yuvi Panda
9 years, 9 months

Update to jQuery 1.9 and jQuery UI 1.9
by Jan Luca
9 years, 9 months

RFC: Tab as field delimiter in logging format of cache servers
by Diederik van Liere
9 years, 10 months

Call for Gerrit contractor
by Rob Lanphier
9 years, 10 months

GSoC 2013 guidelines??
by Tejas Nikumbh
9 years, 10 months

Mediawiki's access points and mw-config
by Waldir Pimenta
9 years, 10 months
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