Wikitech-l September 2017
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New DB_REPLICA constant; DB_SLAVE deprecated
by Aaron Schulz
1 year, 12 months

Roadmap for CX?
by Strainu
3 years, 9 months

Can we drop revision hashes (rev_sha1)?
by Daniel Kinzler
4 years, 6 months

Upcoming holidays/events and their impact on the deployment schedule
by Greg Grossmeier
4 years, 7 months

Selenium Ruby framework deprecation
by Željko Filipin
4 years, 8 months

Upgrade of QUnit from 1.x to 2.x is underway
by Krinkle
4 years, 8 months

Disabling Messaging Fallbacks for Language Analysis
by Trey Jones
4 years, 8 months

The target revision does not exist
by Bináris
4 years, 9 months

What does "p." stands for in the Scribunto reference manual and many modules
by mathieu stumpf guntz
4 years, 9 months

Is it possible to change the locale of a scribunto module and have identifiers with locale characters
by mathieu stumpf guntz
4 years, 9 months
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