Wikitech-l January 2022
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MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2022.01
by Kartik Mistry
3 hours, 23 minutes

Best practices for extensions
by Krinkle
7 hours, 40 minutes

[Train] 1.38.0-wmf.19 status update (blocked at group0 on T300194)
by Brennen Bearnes
18 hours, 8 minutes

Wikimedia Cloud Services can probably host your project!
by Andrew Bogott
21 hours, 41 minutes

UserMerge has been undeployed from Wikimedia wikis
by Taavi Väänänen
1 day, 21 hours

Summary of 1.38.0-wmf.18 train deployment
by Jeena Huneidi
2 days, 18 hours

3 days, 21 hours

3 days, 22 hours

OOUI v0.43.0 released -- new features, icon amendments and performance improvements
by Volker E.
4 days, 6 hours

Re: [Wikimedia-l] Re: Re: Uplifting the multimedia stack (was: Community Wishlist Survery)
by Kunal Mehta
5 days, 2 hours
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