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23 March: Invitation to Open Community Call on ChatGPT, generative AI, and Wikimedia
by Yael Weissburg
12 hours, 17 minutes

March Wikimedia Foundation Board Meeting Outcomes
by Nataliia Tymkiv
15 hours, 8 minutes

Report on Voter Comments from UCoC Enforcement Guidelines Ratification
by Patrick Earley
2 days, 3 hours

Program submissions closed - Wikimania 2023
by Butch Bustria
2 days, 4 hours

Re: Bing-ChatGPT
by Kimmo Virtanen
2 days, 6 hours

[WikiForHumanRights 2023] Communicating Community Events for the Campaign
by Euphemia Uwandu
2 days, 13 hours

Invitation to episode 23 of WikiAfrica Hour titled "Gender Focus"
by Ceslause Ogbonnaya
3 days, 8 hours

Have you heard? We have a sound logo!
by Mehrdad Pourzaki
3 days, 10 hours

Reminder: Tuesday, March 28 is the final date of submission of program proposal for Wikimania 2023
by Butch Bustria
3 days, 23 hours

Re: Mozilla's social media pledge
by SCP 2000
4 days
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