Wikimedia-l August 2020
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«Wiki Loves Dubbing» new multimedia initiative
by Taronja Satsuma
1 year, 2 months

Movement Strategy: Feedback requested on draft outline of Transition events
by Kaarel Vaidla
1 year, 2 months

[Wikimedia Announcements] This Month in GLAM: July 2020
by The 'This Month in GLAM' team
1 year, 2 months

WikiContrib 2.0 released!
by Raymond Olisaemeka
1 year, 2 months

[Covid-19] An update on in-person gatherings
by Katherine Maher
1 year, 2 months

Wikimedia Clinic digest #007 posted; Clinic #008 featuring Research at 18:00 UTC
by Asaf Bartov
1 year, 2 months

Wikimedia CEE Online Meeting 2020
by Kiril Simeonovski
1 year, 2 months

Re: [Wikimedia-l] New essay on the ambiguity of NC licenses
by WereSpielChequers
1 year, 2 months

Blog post and report on Indic technical workshops published!
by Srishti Sethi
1 year, 2 months

Afrocine: Participate in the Months of African Cinema
by Sam Oyeyele
1 year, 2 months
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