Wikidata November 2012
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[Wikidata-l] Expiration date for data
by Marco Fleckinger
8 years, 8 months

[Wikidata-l] Introduction and some questions on Wikidata
by Bernardo Najlis
8 years, 10 months

[Wikidata-l] Wikidata license (was "Introduction and some questions on Wikidata")
by Helder .
8 years, 12 months

[Wikidata-l] Monday: Upgrades on
by Silke Meyer
9 years

[Wikidata-l] foo#bar
by swuensch
9 years

[Wikidata-l] Behavior on null edit
by Denny Vrandečić
9 years

[Wikidata-l] Property specification on-wiki
by Jeroen De Dauw
9 years

[Wikidata-l] Deadlines - phases #1-3
by Snaevar
9 years

Re: [Wikidata-l] Deadlines - phases #1-3
by Jan Dudík
9 years

Re: [Wikidata-l] MediaWiki - User interface guidelines
by Lukas Benedix
9 years
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