Wikidata September 2016
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We plan to drop the wb_entity_per_page table
by hoo
5 years, 4 months

Hello Wikidata!
by Glorian Yapinus
5 years, 6 months

WDQS examples migrated
by Stas Malyshev
5 years, 7 months

Greater than 400 char limit for Wikidata string data types
by Sebastian Burgstaller
5 years, 9 months

Wikiobject - Project Proposal
by Quico Prol
5 years, 11 months

List of WP-languages and language short code
by Markus Bärlocher
5 years, 12 months

SPARQL power users and developers
by Markus Kroetzsch
6 years

Starting a WikiCite newsletter
by Dario Taraborelli
6 years

"Edit conflicts" w/o explanation in the UI
by Nicolas Torzec
6 years

by Markus Bärlocher
6 years
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