Wikidata September 2017
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Wiki PageID
by Gintautas Sulskus
5 years, 6 months

Coordinate precision in Wikidata, RDF & query service
by Stas Malyshev
6 years, 5 months

Do you use the Wikidata entity dump dcatap.rdf?
by Marius Hoch
6 years, 5 months

Identifying tool edits in Wikidata revision comments
by Andrew Hall
6 years, 6 months

Deletion nomination of Template:Cite Q on English Wikipedia
by Dario Taraborelli
6 years, 6 months

Encoders/feature extractors for neural nets
by John Erling Blad
6 years, 6 months

+Add (statement) button doesn't appear in Wikibase items and properties
by Iván
6 years, 6 months

WikiPedia to WikiData URIs
by Timothy Holborn
6 years, 6 months

weekly summary #279
by Lydia Pintscher
6 years, 6 months

Fwd: [SMW-devel] SMWCon Fall 2017 news: The program and schedule are now online
by [[kgh]]
6 years, 6 months
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