Wikidata April 2016
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We plan to drop the wb_entity_per_page table
by hoo
4 years, 6 months

People who died in 2015 who were Dutch
by Gerard Meijssen
5 years, 3 months

What's the one thing you wish Wikidata had or would do but doesn't yet?
by Dario Taraborelli
5 years, 4 months

Federated queries between wikidata and e.g.
by Jerven Tjalling Bolleman
5 years, 6 months

Status and ETA External ID conversion
by Markus Krötzsch
5 years, 7 months

data access for Wikiversity on May 3rd
by Lydia Pintscher
5 years, 7 months

SPARQL: Entries with no label in one lang
by Toni Hermoso Pulido
5 years, 7 months

Deployment date for the ArticlePlaceholder extension
by Lucie Kaffee
5 years, 7 months

Multiple properties/identifiers for the same resource
by Sebastian Burgstaller
5 years, 7 months

Wikidata ontology
by Jan Macura
5 years, 7 months
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