Wikitech-l March 2021
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Summary of this week's deploymentt of 1.36.0-wmf.35
by Lars Wirzenius
2 years

FlaggedRevs (Pending changes) extension and its future
by Amir Sarabadani
2 years

MediaWiki now supports ES6
by Roan Kattouw
2 years

2021-03-17 Scrum of Scrums meeting notes
by Grace Gellerman
2 years

codfw kubernetes cluster upgrade this week
by Alexandros Kosiaris
2 years

[Train] 1.36.0-wmf.35 status update
by Ahmon Dancy
2 years

The Wikimedia Enterprise API project
by Liam Wyatt
2 years

Help on Improving Software Documentation Through Code Reviews
by Felipe Ebert
2 years

Need guidance to start
by Rahul Gandhi
2 years

Re: [Wikitech-l] about jawp mailing list
2 years
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