Wikitech-l November 2019
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Production Excellence (October 2019)
by Krinkle
3 years

[Data Release] Active Editors by country
by Dan Andreescu
3 years

Wikibase: security fix available for the Query Service GUI
by Léa Lacroix
3 years

TechCom Radar 2019-11-06
by Alexandra Paskulin
3 years

Scrum of scrums/2019-11-06
by Željko Filipin
3 years

[TAIM] Wednesday: Technical Advice IRC Meeting
by Leszek Manicki
3 years

Developer Productivity and onwiki tooling: Your input is welcome :-)
by Birgit Mueller
3 years

MediaWiki 1.34.0-rc.1 is ready for testing
by Sam Reed
3 years

Upcoming Search Platform Office Hours—November 6th
by Trey Jones
3 years

Getting Error When Trying to Save Changes to Page Using Visual Editor
by Egbe Eugene
3 years
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