Wikitech-l February 2017
  • 68 participants
  • 70 discussions

Wikistats 2.0 Design Preview
by Dan Andreescu
7 years

MVVM/Single-State solution for our UIs?
by Jan Dittrich
7 years

Weigh in on whether to finalize "Committee" section of Code of Conduct
by Matthew Flaschen
7 years

Last Call: [RFC] image and oldimage tables
by Krinkle
7 years

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017, Vienna: Registration Open
by Rachel Farrand
7 years

Developer Wishlist Survey: Vote for Proposals
by Srishti Sethi
7 years

Citation Hunt database
by Takashi OTA
7 years

Reminder: Share your Wikimedia experience in this survey
by Edward Galvez
7 years

Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-01-30
by Chris Koerner
7 years

ArchCom Status & Meeting Minutes, WD5
by Daniel Kinzler
7 years
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