Wiki-research-l March 2007
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History of discussion pages
by Rut
15 years, 11 months

WikiSym 2007 paper submission deadline coming up!
by Dirk Riehle
15 years, 12 months

CFP: Hypertext and Society
by James Noble
16 years

Thesis research at MSU on Wikipedia
by Benjamin Keith Johnson
16 years

Fwd: [Asis-l] new Journal: International Journal of Internet Research Ethics
by phoebe ayers
16 years

Paper: Tracking the Lexical Zeitgeist with WordNet and Wikipedia
by Oldak Quill
16 years

Two new papers: Analysis of the Wikipedia Category Graph & Using Wikipedia for computing Semantic Relatedness
by Torsten Zesch
16 years

Reminder: IRC meeting about Wikiversity research - 22 UTC
by Cormac Lawler
16 years

Wikiversity research - IRC meeting
by Cormac Lawler
16 years

How many know that WP is editable and discussable?
by Joseph Reagle
16 years
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