List name Post address Description
Wikivoyage-fa Discussion list for Persian Wikivoyage
Wikivoyage-l Wikivoyage Mailing List
Wikivoyage-PL Polish Wikivoyage mailing list/Lista dyskusyjna Wikipodrozy
Wikiwomencamp Participants in Wikiwomen Camp 2017
WikiX-l Planning for WP 10th anniversary - ARCHIVED
Wikizh-bureaucrats Chinese Wikipedia Bureaucrats
Wikizh-l 中文维基百科邮件列表 / 中文維基百科郵件列表 / Mailing list for the Chinese Wikipedia
Wiktionary-l The Wiktionary ( mailing list
WiktionaryDE-l Wiktionary auf Deutsch / German Wiktionary discussion
Wiktionarypt-l Portuguese Wiktionary
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