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This is a public mailing list for Wikimedians in the UK. It covers UK-specific subjects and events. Though this list may include updates on the work of the national chapter, Wikimedia UK, it is not moderated by the chapter but by volunteers.

As a public mailing list, any e-mail you send to this list will be immediately published by being cascaded to whomever has subscribed to the list, and a copy included in multiple public archives (both Wikimedia-controlled and third-party, not under any Wikimedia control) for all time. There is no real possibility of removing such information from the Internet once it is sent, so please be cautious in what you say about yourself and others if you have any privacy concerns.

Posters are expected to conduct themselves in a decorous manner appropriate to a working list. Posters not doing so may be moderated or removed. The list moderators' decision is final.

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