[Archived] Meta Wikimedia affairs

[Archived] Mailing list for everything that is specific about or regarding the Meta-Wiki

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In order to use this list like a newsgroup you must specify the NNTP-server at your newsreader. And also subscribe you on the newsgroup

Possibly this can go automatically by selecting the following URL; news://
For posting to the newsgroup you must be a list member. The first time you post to the newsgroup you will receive an email for verification of your email address, which is normal. If you work by means of the newsgroup you probably no longer wants to receive the messages by email. To disable email delivery go to "Edit Options". (ad the end of this page)
You can also use the gmane web interfasce for reading AND posting to the list.
Pick "post" or "followup" from the drop-down menu.
All the other Wikipedia mailing lists are also available on gmane.
Search for wikipedia or wikimedia on the list of newsgroups of

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