Forum for Wikibase users running installs from source, or containerised. Home to the WMF-affiliated user group - also on Telegram:

This mailing list is a forum for Wikibase users running their own installations - from source, or containerised distributions like Wikimedia Deutschland's.

It is home to the WMF-affiliated Wikibase Community User Group, also reachable via Telegram and Mastodon.

Questions on external use of the Wikidata Query Service and other tools are welcome - especially in relation to use-cases outside Wikimedia - as is development of new Wikibase tools and extensions or case-studies, or job postings involving Wikibase.

Topics specific to Wikidata (chat) or (chat) should generally be addressed to the relevant lists or Telegram groups; cross-posting may be appropriate where interoperability with other Wikibase instances is a factor, or if the question is about Wikibase in general.

To contact the list owners, use the following email address:



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