Announcement list for new Wikimedia wikis

This announcement-only list is used to inform interested people when new Wikimedia wikis are created.

The way this list works is that the addwiki.php script used to create new wikis automatically sends a message to this list when a new wiki is created. People who need to know when new wikis are created (e.g. CVN people need to add the wikis to the bots, Toolserver admins need to create the databases) or people who are just interested in knowing about new wikis then get an e-mail in their inbox announcing the creation of the new wiki.

Note: Please keep in mind that private wikis are also announced on this list, so if you have shell access to Wikimedia's servers or access to non-public data in other ways, be sure to first verify that the wiki is public before adding it to to your tools -- we don't want any accidental data leaks because of misunderstandings.

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