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This is the private mailing list for the regular administrators of the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki. The list purpose is to provide for communication and foster cooperation between the various Meta-Wiki administrators.

Subscription procedure

Subscription is optional, and allowed only for regular Meta-Wiki administrators.

Should you wish to subscribe you should fill the subscription form below and then email a confirmation to the user MarcoAurelio using the Special:EmailUser onwiki function. Subscription requests without confirmation will be rejected.

If the email address in your wiki preferences and the one you wish to subscribe are different, please say so in the confirmation email, stating the address you'd like to subscribe.

Subscription requests not following the above rules will be rejected.

Rules and other information

Please respect the rules set out at Meta-Wiki. In particular, we expect members to behave in a cordial, cooperative and civil way. Members not adhering to these rules can be subject to sanctions at the moderator's discretion such as (but not limited to) warning, moderation or mailing list membership termination; either temporary or permanently.

Confidentiality and Privacy Warning

Contents discussed on this list are private and must not be disclosed to anyone without prior and explicit permission from all involved parties.

This list runs a private monthly archive policy. Please bear that in mind that archives can be seen by current and future list members.

To contact the list owners, use the following email address:

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Subscription / Unsubscription

To subscribe or unsubscribe from this list, please log in first. If you have not previously logged in, you may need to set up an account with the appropriate email address.

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