Private discussion for Wikimedia IRC group and channel contacts

IRC-Contacts exists as a co-ordination list for the IRC Group Contacts, those with overall responsibility for IRC and who are Wikimedia's liaisons with the freenode IRC network; individual channel contacts, those users who are in charge of specific channels on freenode; and selected other individuals who help administer IRC. If you are a channel contact of a major ('primary') Wikimedia channel, you are welcome to submit a subscription request.

As well as discussion between the contacts (a private IRC channel is also maintained with access open to list members), the list also serves as a way to contact them all at once.

E-mail if you need help from the Group Contacts,

e-mail if the matter is sensitive enough that you would rather other channel contacts did not see it; only use this address when necessary. The former is preferable.

You should first make your enquiries in the IRC channel #wikimedia-ops on freenode and should probably only be contacting the GCs directly if told to by the ops, or if you need to appeal a decision taken there.

To contact the list owners, use the following email address:

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