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My name is Martijn de Waal, I am a writer and researcher from the
Netherlands. Currently I am doing some work for the E-culture Fair, a
grass roots conference on digital culture to be hosted in the
Netherlands in 2006.

The E-culture Fair is a biennial new media event in which new
technologies are showcased and the impact of technology on culture and
society is discussed. Goal of the e-culture conference is to bring
specialists together from culture, research, business and industry. 
The event is organized by several Dutch think tanks and NGO's, and is
sponsored by the Dutch Government. Dutch Minister of Culture
(staatssecretaris) Medy van der Laan was one of the speakers at the
most recent E-culture Fair. We are very much interested in grassroots
inititaives such as Wikipedia or creative commons.


More information can be found at the website 



For the 2006 edition of the e-culture fair, the organization is
turning its focus to the East, and is interested in learning about
interesting or promising new media initiatives in China. We are
looking for innovative products, applications, research projects, art
works, design, methods of storytelling, education or communication.


I will travel to Beijing and Shanghai in the first two weeks of may to
make some initial contacts, and I was wondering whether anyone at your
team would be around in those places during that period, whom I could
invite for a cup of coffee or tea?
Martijn de Waal
Curator China E-culture Fair 2006


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