[Wikipedia-l] 100 000 articles for the french wikipedia

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 16:44:02 UTC 2005

We have the regret to say that during our (much disputed and very 
friendly) contest for the 99 999th and the 100 000th articles on the 
french wikipedia, the charge under which the server found itself, 
ermmmm, just... resulted in the whole system blowing off somewhere 
between 99 985 and 100 000 when we all ... errr, tried to save a couple 
of "la '''sapotille''' est un [[fruit]]"

Depending on people, various messages appeared, but the most likely to 
be understood by everyone is

"fr.wikipedia.org is unreachable"

We regret our loss and hope the french wikipedia will be able to 
overcome it and the team to make it in the 100 000 big club.



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