[Wikipedia-l] Re: Fwd: Block

Jack Lutz jack-lutz at comcast.net
Tue Apr 19 04:40:06 UTC 2005

Rob wrote:

>User: has for some time
>been a troublesome presence on the Pittsburgh
>Tribune-Review article.  He has made some valid
>points, but they are lost amid a torrent of claims of
>libel, legal threats, and general rudeness.  Earlier
>today he removed a large amount of material from
>Talk:Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  without archiving and
>replaced it with the words "Edited to allow more
>space."  I reverted and asked him not to do it again
>on his user talk page.  He blanked the entire page
>this time. I warned him against vandalism and
>reverted.  Another blank, another warning.  I blocked
>at the third blanking of the talk page.
Being involved in a content dispute with 147.72.93.*, in my opinion you
should not have blocked him but instead posted on Vandalism_in_progress
and let there be no question of conflict of interest or misuse of

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