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Rob gamaliel8 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 02:39:36 UTC 2005

User: has for some time
been a troublesome presence on the Pittsburgh
Tribune-Review article.  He has made some valid
points, but they are lost amid a torrent of claims of
libel, legal threats, and general rudeness.  Earlier
today he removed a large amount of material from
Talk:Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  without archiving and
replaced it with the words "Edited to allow more
space."  I reverted and asked him not to do it again
on his user talk page.  He blanked the entire page
this time. I warned him against vandalism and
reverted.  Another blank, another warning.  I blocked
at the third blanking of the talk page. 

He has long claimed nearly everything someone posts to
the article or the talk page is libelous in some form
or another.  I am surprised to learn from the headers
of the email David Gerard forwarded that apparently
the anon is Carl Prine, an award winning PTR reporter.
 One would think a reporter wouldn't throw around
accusations of libel so casually.  In any case, much
of the material is standard talk page arguing, and the
material removed includes a lengthy polite attempt by
User:KeithTyler to reason with Prine, something that I
can't imagine any reasonable person objecting to. 

- Gamaliel

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