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Andre Engels andrewiki at freemail.nl
Sun Sep 19 15:13:12 UTC 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 22:19:38 -0700 Mark Williamson <node.ue at gmail.com> 

>Similarly, Toki Pona which although at
>the time of its creation was not controversial many Wikipedians appear
>to resent today has only 190 articles and has not been growing really
>at all for quite some time.

I disagree with your statement that Toki Pona "at the time of its creation 
was not controversial". I have spoken out my doubts BEFORE it was created, 
and major objections came in within _days_ of it being created - see 
timeline below. If there was no major objections before its creation, that 
was only because those against it:
1. Did not know there were any plans to create Tokipona, or
2. Assumed that objecting was not necessary to stop those plans.

At the time several languages were proposed, and none had been created for 
quite a while. I was definitely with the second group.

Andre Engels

Timeline regarding Toki Pona:
31 March: Request by Sonia to start Toki Pona
1 April: Yours humbly says tokipona should get a 3- not a 2-letter code, and 
in this message writes: "[...] for me personally it's getting to the level 
where I doubt whether having it would be good at all."
4 April: Brion tells that Toki Pona, Ido and Tok Pisin have been created
4 April: Evan Podromou write: "On this subject: isn't the toki pona 
Wikipedia just going to have, like, 12 articles?"
5 April: Erik Moeller writes a rather long mail rejecting Toki Pona. 
Discussion starts between Erik attacking and Brion defending.
5 April: Erik proposes to remove Toki Pona and move it to the Unilang wiki
5 April: Erik adds another argument: Toki Pona is copyrighted

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