[Wikipedia-l] Re: Gothic Wikipedia

Jimmy (Jimbo) Wales jwales at wikia.com
Sun Sep 19 13:15:06 UTC 2004

Mark Williamson wrote:
> The Klingon wikipedia was very controversial. It too appears to be
> dead - I wonder why we have a Wikipedia whose very existance is
> controversial, which is not even being worked on anymore, that has
> not been trashed or at least moved elsewhere? If it had over 100
> articles maybe I would feel differently, but it has *47*. Similarly,
> Toki Pona which although at the time of its creation was not
> controversial many Wikipedians appear to resent today has only 190
> articles and has not been growing really at all for quite some
> time. If this does not change in the near future, I would suggest
> that we ask for it to be moved to the Toki Pona official website.

These were kept because it was felt that there was or would soon be an
active community of interested parties, and that these projects were
obviously not potentially forks or otherwise problematic for existing

Given that neither seems to be active communities, I agree with you
that we should consider helping them to find new homes.


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