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Craig Franklin craig at halo-17.net
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Scríobh Mark Williamson:

>Apparently you have not been reading a single word I have said,
>because I have said already that there are already kids being raised
>in Gothic, yet to the best of my knowledge one couple claimed to be
>raising their child(ren?) in Klingon but it turned out they weren't or

For the parents teaching their kids Klingon, the attempt failed, because
Klingon doesn't (or didn't, at that point) have enough words to describe
everyday objects like "table".  The children didn't take to it, and the
experiment was abandoned.  However, I do remember reading a news story
awhile ago about Child Protection officers raiding some caravan in the deep
South, where they found, in addition to a lot of squalor, that the father of
three children only addressed them in Klingon.  So, I guess that they could
be termed first-language speakers of the language.

As for Latin, anyone who went to a Catholic school can probably recount
horrible experiences of learning that.  There are lots of people with decent
Latin out there, even if nobody much speaks it as a first language.  I think
there's a place for a Latin-language wiki though.

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