[Wikipedia-l] Starting a new wiki

Evan Prodromou evan at wikitravel.org
Sun Sep 19 17:34:59 UTC 2004

Mark Williamson said:

 >> Anyways: I think the best strategy is to tell people who want to have a
 >> Wikipedia in their language to go start a wiki somewhere else. If they can
 >> show that they have a robust community that can support a Wikipedia, then
 >> they should get an xx.wikipedia.org domain (as well as other
 >> xx.wikisomething.org stuff).
 > I find that horribly discriminatory.

I find it appropriately discriminatory. As a project, the Wikimedia Foundation 
has to apply some judgement about where to devote its physical resources and the 
time and effort of its volunteers. If we waste the time and energy of those 
volunteers for unimportant tasks, they won't come back.

You very well may disagree about what choices the Foundation makes. I'm just 
saying that it's a really big Internet, and that if you want to create a wiki 
that no one else wants, you can do that. You don't have to have the Wikimedia 
Foundation's machines and volunteers to do it.

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