[Wikipedia-l] Re: One Chinese Wikipedia

簡睦旼 mugua_q0_0p at yahoo.com.tw
Sun Sep 12 08:57:02 UTC 2004

Mention of the software, I have some questions here:

Yes, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are originated from the 
same language. But now it had grown into two different language.  The problem of translating Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese is not only about characters (While translating from Simplified character to Traditional character is already a headache).Many of the phrases and idioms are different. 
I wonder how software can solve this kind of problem. The only 
way I think of to solve this problem is to redirect it one by one. Since 
both SC and TC are living languages, this kind of phrases can
grow non-stop, making redirecting a hardwork.
Therefore, I think splitting into zh-tw isn't really too bad an idea.
Traditional Chinese users can build up their own database, while 
some of the items can redirect to zh wp.


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