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James R. Johnson modean52 at comcast.net
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How would the articles / species directory entries differ?  Would the
species entry focus on genetic similarities between species, evolutionary
genealogy, or what?


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I totally disagree; I am sure that a lot of information will be overlapping
and therefore, the two projects should remain connected. Nevertheless, a
species directory would serve a different purpose than the wikipedia as such
and have a significantly different structure (as seen in the draft at my
last e-mail) to allow highly specific search functions. 

I already got a lot of supportive e-mails by a range of people - and that is
eventually what counts for a wiki project, to my understanding. There is a
need for an extensive species directory, and I will keep asking for support!


> --- "James R. Johnson" <modean52 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > I'm all for it - sounds pretty cool.  Could there possibly be 
> > redirects
> from
> > the Wikipedia to the Wikispecies, or vice versa?  Then Wikispecies 
> > could hold all the species info, and free up wikipedia space for 
> > other stuff (don't know what, but it could).  Would it be like 
> > current wikis as in en.wikispecies.org, de.wikispecies.org,
> Absolutely not! Wikipedia is the place to have articles on species - 
> not a separate project.
> -- mav
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