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Anthere wrote:

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>Anthere wrote:
>>Erik, I find 7 days to be a very short time 
>>(again, not to insist too much, but school 
>>has not restarted yet, many people are still 
>>on holidays, sorry Mav :-)). Is there a 
>>special reason you chose such a short time ?
>Either Europeans take too many holidays or Americans
>don't take enough of them. :-) Either way, 7 days is
>not enough.  
>Dare I add something ?
>Perhaps you guys know that some european countries are
>suffering economical troubles right now. Among which
>Germany and France. We are old nations, and in spite
>of  my peers trying to make three babies instead of
>two, we will have problems financing...hum...our
>parents retirements (ours, likely, will not exist at
>all :-)
>It is my understanding Germany suggested an off day be
>removed, which could bring some immediate money from
>working revenues for one day among 365 days. It is
>also my understanding that german people accepted
>Now, our crazy politicians have decided to import the
>same thing in France and to "steal" one of our
>beautiful off-day in may (may is a very pleasurable
>month). One guy even suggested removing two. Grrrrr.
>Debate is upon the day which will be removed.
>Either it is a catholic celebration day
>Or it is the WWII commemoration day
>I wonder which one would be best...
I'm glad to hear that the workers' day on May 1 is not up for 
consideration.  My understanding  was it was always an agreement between 
the political left and right that it was to their mutual benefit to 
support each other's holidays.  If you have to abandon one, I guess it 
will have to be the WWII day.

Generally the longer standard European six week holiday makes more 
sense, as does the reduction of the work week in France.  I do think 
that with the longer vacation period combined with the shorter work week 
makes individual feast days less important..  The American social safety 
net has a long way to go before it can catch up with Europe.


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