[Wikipedia-l] Re: Wikipedia-l Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1304

Tomasz Wegrzanowski taw at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Aug 29 00:37:30 UTC 2003

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 05:09:51PM -0700, Anthere wrote:
> It is my understanding Germany suggested an off day be
> removed, which could bring some immediate money from
> working revenues for one day among 365 days. It is
> also my understanding that german people accepted
> that.

>From what I've heard, they haven't removed a single day off yet,
and they're not very likely to.

Neither does removing days off seem likely in Poland.

Not that it would help any - places in Europe with more
days off (like Bavaria) aren't any worse than those with fewer.

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