[Wikipedia-l] Re: PayPal is set up - Service or Quasi-Cash?

Joachim Kerschbaumer email at joachim.net
Fri Aug 22 21:29:10 UTC 2003

Hi Jimmy,

I made a first test-donation, please let me know if you got it (I don't
trust paypal yet... ;-)
A question, maybe also interresting for others:

I had to decide on paypal between
* Service
* Quasi-Cash

Paypal wrote:

"Service: A payment for the performance of a service. Free!"

"Quasi-Cash: The transmission of money not involving an underlying service
or good. The bank that issued your credit card may treat this 'Quasi-Cash'
transaction as a cash advance and charge you cash advance fees. PayPal has
no control over these fees. If you select 'Quasi-Cash' you may want to use a
payment method other than Credit Card (Instant Transfer or eCheck) to avoid
potential fees. "

I decided for "Service" (e.g. Wikimedia is providing Webspace...?). Is this
right, or should I have taken "Quasi-Cash". What is a Donation in this case?

Thanks for an answer,

Joachim (aka Fantasy :-)

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